Martha is  featured on Joni Mitchell's 
website for her recording 
of Carey in "Joni Undercover" --


​Welcome to,  featuring the sounds of Martha Wilke Murray in her debut

album, South of Somewhere.

In this timely collection of familiar songs, Martha intermixes a variety of tones from  fun and carefree (Carey) to lazy and hazy (Summertime)

to heartfelt and soulful (Angel) that display the many facets of her luminous voice.

So sit back, relax, and listen as the sounds of South of Somewhere transport you to a tropical island 
where time slows down and music is in the air.

"South of Somewhere" was recorded at Firehouse Recording Studios, Pasadena, CA.  The Album was produced by Martha Wilke Murray and musical arrangements by Tim Heintz. Vocal arrangements by Martha and Terry Wood. 

The band features Martha, Tim Heintz, John Pena, Kevin Dukes, Bernie Dresel and backup vocals by Terry Wood.

The CD was recorded, engineered & Mixed by Les Cooper & Ed Woolley.

Mastering by Dale Becker at Bernie Becker Mastering.

Many thanks to the amazing Tena Clark and all the folks at DMI Music, Firehouse Recording Studios & Bernie Becker Mastering.

South of Somewhere

Martha Wilke Murray

South of Somewhere

Copyright © Martha Wilke Murray